1999 – Wodonga VIC



Our first reunion was held in Wodonga, Victoria, on the weekend of the 24th and 25th April 1999.  It was a great reunion of 84 guys and 37 wives, in an atmosphere of friendship and memories. Apologies were received from 86 people who couldn’t attend for one reason or another.

All functions, the dinner on Saturday evening, and the BBQ on Sunday afternoon, and the Anzac Day March and services all went off without a hitch, and a fantastic time was had by all.

With great pride we marched, for the first time, under our own banner, and were led by Mike Clark (OC 1 OFP – 1968). Banner bearers were John Faram and Phil Douglas, and the wreath laying after the march was carried out by Doug Blatch and Frank Hazelager’s widow, Jill.

Each state was represented and people came by all modes of transport – car, bus, train, plane and motor bike. The ladies who attended melded in so well, one would think they had served with us. We had a good cross section of National Servicemen (37) and Regulars. The Officer corps was well represented with both OCs and 2ICs.

Although, at the beginning, this reunion was perceived as a “one off”; the success of the gathering caused a rethink and it was proposed to “do it again” in the Year 2000. It was agreed that the next reunion would be on the Gold Coast, Queensland, over the Easter/Anzac weekend 2000.